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Believe it or not...Bleach baths. I had a doctor tell me this and I thought he was crazy. Its like being in a pool of chlorine. In a luke warm bath, add about 1/2 cup of bleach and soak. Do this every other day. It cleared up in about 5 baths....:-)

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bleach is bad for your skin. read the danger label. swimming in a pool of chlorine is also really bad for your skin especially if you have eczema. look up dangers of bleach and chlorine. and its even worse for your private parts can you say yeast infection.


The bleach bath is a miracle worker. A small amount in the bath is all that is needed. My sons doctor told me about it, and it really works. He is an award winning peds. doctor for Bev Hills. And doing the bleach bath has been the ONLY thing that has cleared up my sons skin.

Anonymous has a natural eczema treatment- mud soap! I used it for less than a week on my son and his eczema is gone!!!


If he is an award winning Beverly Hills Peds. doctor. You would think he would know Eczema is an internal disease. He probably thinks vaccines are healthy for your kids too. Can you say Autism.


Did the eczema come back for your son (since it has been a while since you posted this)?


Haha, Beverly Hills. Riiiiiight.

Doreen Kingston

I have been swimming 7 days a week recently and the chlorine has made my eczema much worse.

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