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I recently got a few fillings in my top left teeth after a few days i realised it might be infected so i got prescribed amoxicillan for 1 week. However i was always sinking the cold water bacm into my mouth wich wasnt the best idea as it made it 10x worse apparentlly bacteria in your tooth love the cold water which makes the infection/nerves worse. However i read that trying to stop for 10mins at a time helped alot . It was sore at first but eventually it starts to subside . Again not much of a cure for all treatments but just incase you have resorted to drinking cold water every few seconds like i did you should try this

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I did this with cold water too. And was in agony without it in my mouth. Walked around the house to try get my mind off it and warmed up the side of my mouth that was hurting. I'm still in a bit of pain but nothing like I was. Thanks for posting :) next stop dentist :/


thankyou for your post did the same thing with a toothache was in lots of pain to the point I was about 10 mins off going to the hosipital read your post stopped straight away then tried putting garlic and salt on it intant releif si thankyou


You can even try applying colgate on the paining tooth n t will not take more thn a minit n the pain will b gone.


I tell you what. I couldn't get past 2 minutes without giving in. I tried shooting my daughters baby Tylenol into the opening and swishing. It helped but the first 7 minutes were the worst pain I ever felt (and I've had spinal surgery). The whole side of my head hurt. Then finally I started coming down. Thanks for the advice. Btw.... The salt and Garlic didn't help on my end. Not only did it make me gag, my wife told me I wasn't allowed to kiss her.

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