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Okay, so I first want to thank those of you who posted already because it helped.
So I didn't realize I had a boil (friend told me what it was) until it got big and started hurting - was under my arm, in the crease. A friend mentioned busting it but mine was too big and I was leary. I looked up natural remedies for removing boils and took pieces of what was said.

I started with Vicks (on a cotton swab) and wrapped it with a warm compress (cloth folded into four) and tied it up. I continued that for a day.

Day 2 - Took hot shower and rubbed boil, as much as could with pain, with shampoo. I did Epsom salt with Peroxide in my cup/bowl of water for my cloth -warm compress. Soaked the cloth in that water mixture that had been heated in the microwave and wrapped my arm -the boil. Went to the doctor and she told me I have to cut it open. I said uh-uh. Had already sent my husband to the store to get more supplies and told her I'm gonna do natural first. She gave me three days to prove it - she couldn't believe how big my thing was, measured about 9x6cm, arm was swollen and red - but she said to constantly keep warm-to-hot compresses on it; and she gave me script for antibiotics and 800mg of Motrin.

Can I just stop right here and say that those hot-warm compresses are absolutely wonderful for the pain. If you, like me, don't care for drugs, and can stand the heat - YEAH baby.

Day 3- started with baking soda and salt mix and continued with warm compress -yeah baby. Omg - felt my skin slightly rip about 11am. By 4:30pm, I went to the bathroom to heat my cloth again and check it because I could feel something moving inside - WHOOSH!!!! That stuff started coming out like diarrhea- yes, stench too. Then the BURNING from the blood that followed. I hollered but was relieved to see it all coming out.

BTW... short and simple - warm compresses, baking soda, h.peroxide, antibiotics- for infection, pain killers -if reached that point and done. Think this will be all you need, but stay on it cause it takes a minute depending on size.

No one told me about how it will feel when it busts but I will tell future inquirers - AAAAAAAArgh!!! It's no joke. All not done, still slight discomfort from rip in skin. Squeezed what I could and gauzed and wrapped hole till rest comes out, which it is, like now...yep. Okay

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What exactly is the salt mix you used ??


I want to say thank for this comment I have had a cluster of boils on my lady bits for a week now and after seeing this comment I went downstairs and made the salt and baking powder paste it was only on for 15 minute's before I couldn't take the pain but that was because it had burst them this comment has put me in less pain god bless you

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