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im so desparate these past few days because of toothace and tried so many ways to get rid the pain. Ive tried listerine with colgate but it does work for only a few seconds and still im unable to sleep, then ive tried taking some medicine first i bought some mefinamic acid 500mg (anti inflamatory) and amoxicilin (anti bacterial) 500mg the effect only last for 30mins. im in the middle of a sleep when the pain comes back! And yes its more worts than before, so i get up and i almost freak out because of pain. Then ive tried
warm water with salt, it calms me down a little bit. Then i try to search some remedies to the net and tried it all. Luckily the bread thing works for me. After i put the bread on the tooth hole, i feel relief. Thats the last thing on my mind but it works perfecly. Now i can sleep. =')

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Next time fill the hole with super glue gel works great!!

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