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I hav no dental insurance but recently needed to hav a loose tooth pulled. After the extraction healed I could feel all the other teeth that needed drilled n filled or pulled. Had lots of pain in a couple of teeth. I have a prescription for pain meds and also tried 800mg of ibuprofen n tylenol. Even max strength orajel only offered short term relief. Over thr course of a few days I have tried several things already mentioned on this site before looking here. I searched the web n found this site and saw an add at the top of the page about ginger root. After clicking the add and reading part of the following pages I decided to try. After cutting a few thin slices and placing them betwee. My cheek and gum, then biting on them with my problem teeth for about 10it minutes total time, it offered some relief. Tasted like lime at first, then got a lottle spicy like pepper. The pain continued to go away through the evening. My mouth felt great the next morning and ate a firm apple for breakfast. Could have been steak and eggs. I'll probably slice n freeze or dehydrate the rest of the ginger root for later use. I'm sure there are other uses for the root because it helps with infections and pain.

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Ginger is also good for motion sickness...if you have it!

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