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Whenever I get a yeast infection, this is what I do everytime.

1- buy garlic capsules. the kind that has liquid inside. insert 3 pills deep into your vagina. you will experience relief in a few minutes. wear a pantyliner. I would say do this this about 3 days, every night.if any itch returns, insert more capsules

2- buy regular hydrogen peroxide. Go in the shower and douche with it straight back to back until all the yeast particles are Gone.

3- I suggest everyone to up there dosages of vitamin D3 which helps regulate vaginal flora. id say take 10,000ius for the next week daily, then stop or decrease.

if it comes back you may have a serious health problem but this will fix a regular infection.

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Douching causes Bacterial Vaginosis, DO NOT DOUCHE LADIES , it may get rid of the yeast infection but it will cause more harm then good.


That much vitamin d can become toxic in the blood. At MOST doctors will prescribe 4000 ius a day. That is with blood tests every 2 weeks. DO NOT take that much vitamin d.


Actually they say you can take up to 10000 as your body will regulate the levels. If you are in only need to do so for three months and then you can decrease the dosage.

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