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If you are dealing with a abscess or infected tooth, I know first hard what that is like. It was tooth #31 and the infection was at the bottom of my root sitting directly on the nerve. I was a crying baby, having panic attacks, the whole 9.

First off, if you sensitive and prone to having anxiety like me. The best advice I can give you is to refrain from reading the internet posts about people dying from abscesses! I went to the ER and the doc said the only way it can become fatal is if you go a long time with without treating the abscess and it becomes the size of a baseball. If you have a small abscess dont freak. Just go to Walgreens and/or grocery store and/or herb store and grab some Clove Oil, if you cannot find that, its ok but with the clove oil grab some Liquid Gel Advils (gel works faster) , Tylenol Extra Strength, and run to the grocery store and get some Sea Salt. Also- if you cannot find clove oil, you will find the whole cloves in the seasoning section at grocery store.

Next, dont eat or drink anything too hot or cold. If your tooth is extremely sensitive this will help alot. when I drank something I would nuke it for 30sec.

3-5 times daily mix WARM not hot water with 3 teaspoons of Sea Salt, its gotta be Sea Salt not reg. salt.....sea salt is one of the oldest natural antibiotics around, it also keeps the area of and around your tooth very clean. Another great thing is Sea Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory! Anti-inflammatory's are your best friend if you have a infection or abscessed tooth.

Now, if you have the clove oil, it is a God Send, this stuff is strong, when you apply it SPIT IT OUT, dont swallow the stuff, itll be rather spicy, but you can handle it! I took a little piece of cotton, absorbed it with the oil and sat that on my infected broken tooth, if you see the actual abscess rub the oil on it with the cotton. This will help the pain.

Next step, make sure you have something in your belley before you take Advil, it can be hard on your stomach lining. Take 3-4 Advils(prescription strength is 600-800mg) every 6 hours and in 3 more hours take 2 Tylenol Extra Strengths (1000mg). Every 3 hours go back and forth on this to help with pain.

This should give you a piece of mind MAKE SURE you get in to see a dentist ASAP, you cannot avoid this because it will only get worse.

ADVISE ON DENTIST!!!! I found out some dentist believe in taking the infection down before pulling the tooth (if the tooth is savable have a root canal instead of pulling) But if you are in major pain just find a dentist that will pull in and clean the infection.

God Be With You I hope I helped I know your pain I am currently healing from a fractured abscessed tooth that was extracted yesterday. My cheek is so swollen right now from the extraction but believe me this pain was nothing compared to the abscess pain.

God Bless- GIA

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Thank you so much for mentioning clove oil! it truly was a Godsend! it works better than the vicodin the dentist gave me for my root canals. And, it lasts longer. FYI, it is also called Eugenol. It is much easier to find if you know the name Eugenol. Thank you!


Just my experience eventually after root canals not too long after I had to have tooth pulled one big expense and then another... if you constantly have problems with several teeth my opinion just pull the tooth

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