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Hello Beautiful Ladies !
After a couple of weeks I AM CURED ! AFTER ONE DAY ! I know there's some of you that have been suffering for months and even years but I am here to tell you that this can be solved !

I read a post here earlier and someone suggested the whole Vitamin C-1000 and Vitamin D3.

I kid you not, It cured me within hours ! I'm so happy I can't even contain myself. Trust me I tried the whole garlic thing (The smell started disappearing but it was never completely gone), Liquid Chlorophyll (Never worked at all), Apple Cider Vinegar, and so on.

I never told anyone or approached my doctor about it because it's a very embarrassing predicament. All you have to do is buy Vitamin D3 (I brought the 10,000 one) take one, drink water and swallow it. Then buy Vitamin C-1000 capsule and insert it (I brought the Vitamin Shoppe one because it doesn't contain yeast, wheat, sugar or any of that other junk). The heat of your private area will dissolve it. And it cleared me out within hours ! I felt a huge difference !

I hope this helps someone out there like it helped me ! Stay strong ! There is hope ! (IM SO FREAKING HAPPY ! lol)

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Hi ladies! I too was suffering from BV! Last month I had a very foul oder coming from my vajaja. I went to the dr, turns out I had BV. He precribed me metronidizol or whatever its called, it went away. So recently this week I came off my period and notice that the oder has come back! Frustrated i immeadiately call the dr for a refill, but it has been a month and I would have to see the dr again for this BV crap. As a college student and I barely work and was very worried about how fast i could get treated. Nevertheless i stumbled across this site and tried this remedy AND IT WORKED!!! THANK U MY LOVE!!!I thought i was gonna b stuck forever with this. And i only used 500mg so i didnt burn but the oder is gone! Idk how long im gonna have to continue this, but at least i know that i have this info! Good luck to all the women curing this horrible embarrassing female issue!


How long did you do this? Did the smell or discharges come back? Did it come back after sex?


Hey Ladies!

I too have been suffering from this embarrassing condition on and off for the past several years. It's hard to explain to your lover the changes that your body is going through, and that your not just some nasty sleez that doesn't take care of her body! I'm frustrated, as others have noted, with constantly going to the MD to get either the Metro Gel or the Flagyll pills, only to have this problem return again (9 times out of 10 it's when I use certain brands of condoms or have unprotected sex with my lover). Anyhow, I just tried this home remedy for the first time last night after having stumbled across the information while web surfing for possible ways that this issue can be rectified from home. So far, the smell is gone, the irritation is gone, and I'm hoping that it'll stay that way. Not too long after I inserted the 1000 Vitamin C tablet I did feel a burning sensation, but it wasn't unbearable. I went to sleep, and woke up this morning w/ no symptoms. I also took, orally, 1-1000 Vitmain C tablet, 1-10,000 Vitamin D3 tablet, 1-Mulitvitamin tablet, and 1 Fish Oil Tablet. I did read on another post something about Acidophilus tablets, and the Rephresh brand inserts and gel, and also puttin plain yogurt on a tampon, and, most commonly noted, the hydrogen peroxide and apple cider douches. My concern with douching is that I've been told ever since I was a teenager going in for my annual physicals that women shouldn't douche...I guess that's almost contradictory being that I'm going against what probably any doctor would suggest by inserting Vitamin C tablets, but hey, what the heck. I guess I'll consider incorporating those remedies if this problem does in fact return in these upcoming days. I'll try and keep you all posted! God Bless


Hi all! Like you, I have been looking for a natural alternative to cure my BV. Besides starting a 30 day vegan diet to detoxify my body (day 1 starts today), I decided to get off antibiotics that no longer worked and wasted my money. I read many posts here and decided to tweak a few of the remedies. I had intended to write after a few days so I had some empirical evidence to record rather than just one day's woth. Well, I am writing after ONE of the treatments I did - literally 15 min ago! I read mixed reviews regarding the effects of the vitamin C and thought about how I could alter my remedy. I went to my local co-op to purchase a few items to start my regimen today. I intended to get the lowest dosage possible when I stumbled upon crystallized vitamin C - made for those who cannot handle acid. I thought this would be best to use in a douche and without the burn (it has 1066 mg per serving). I purchased vitamin D (I learned that I have very low vit D count in my system which makes sense for the constant lady issues I've been experiencing) and vitamin E (to keep me moisturized and ease irritation down there). As soon as I got home I prepared 8 oz of distilled water mixed with 1/4 tsp of the crystallized vit C. First, I used the bathroom and wiped myself to see the 'before' (I was NOT expecting immediate results). As usual, thr tissue showed evidence of BV discharge. I then douched with the solution and saw the nasty bits of BV flush out. I put my finger inside to feel and I felt nothing. Nada. Zilch. What I did feel was smooth, lubritcated, and clean. No smell. My vagina felt normal for the first time in six months with no antibiotics! I was stunned. I couldn't move for a moment because I was really shocked. I wiped up, popped in a vit E tablet and instantly came to this forum to let anyone who needs help know this is an excellent alternative - so far. Good luck to all my fellow ladies who are suffering this annoying and embarrassing bout of lady issues!

Think and read.

First off: 1000 mg is a lot of Vitamin C. the recommended daily allowance intake is 85 mg. Inserting more than double that into your VAGINA is no doubtly going to burn. When you read these reviews, please take into consideration their words: if it says it burns multiple times, don't do it, it's not worth it. Find another alternative or go to a doctor to help you. You don't want to damage what you have down there.


I had the same burning effect and really weird after 2 days. I see what looks like a burn mark as well & still secreting vitamin c particulates

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