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i've had 'p' for 26 years. the waiver: everything i recommend or say is my own opinion and works for me. i try to back up all my info so you can research it for yourself so you can decide if its accurate and safe.
depending on if your looking for a permanent solution to your 'p' or a get rid of it at any cost person.

steroids, enbrel, humira, bleach!!! all of these take care of the symptoms not the cause and do more long term damage than help . steroids thin your skin over time and screw up your adrenal system. enbrel, stelara, and humira suppress your immune system (definition of immune system - network of cells, tissues and organs working together to PROTECT the body from attacks by germs, viruses, bacteria and disease) does that sound like something you want to suppress. go to clorox bleach website and look at the safety tab (wear gloves when cleaning, bleach will corrode metal parts!) i don’t use bleach products to clean much less take a bath.

there is no quick miracle cure for 'p'. these creams and babies butt aid (which contain lead and cadmium only control the symptoms not the cause. temporary relief. you put cream on your “p”, the spot goes away and you think it “works”. but new spots pop up somewhere else so did it really work. “p” is an internal disease. think of “p” like chicken pox. the virus causes your skin to break out. you can put cream on your skin but until you get rid of the virus inside your body. your skin will continue to breakout. fix the inside and you won’t have to use any creams. diet is the most important factor in controlling 'p'. dr. john paganos book is good reference material but for me is incomplete. the premise of this diet is anti-inflammatory, reduce toxin intake, alkalanization, and repair the digestive system (leaky gut syndrome). is an excellent reliable resource for info on soy, fluoride, milk, artificial sugars, ect.

first thing is go 100% organic. there is too much junk (pesticides, hormones and unlisted ingredients) in processed foods which is hard on our over taxed immune system.

do a body cleanse or juicing cleanse

do a food allergy test to eliminate trigger foods specific to your body.

eat an alkaline diet (raw fruits and vegetables should be at least 50% of your diet. i make vegetables shakes. (rice milk and 3 or 4 vegetables and fish oil with vitamin d3 and coconut oil) if you need it sweeter add apples. the roughage is good for cleaning your intestines.

omega 3 is a very important part of diet. excellent anti-inflammatory (i use carlson super d omega 3 with vitamin d3. probiotics are critical to help maintain proper ratio of good bacteria in your digestive system.

i eat chicken, turkey and fish (low mercury like tilapia, no tuna) no red meat too hard to digest.

i drink distilled water or high ph water. many states put fluoride in their water which wreaks havoc on your immune system. yes that includes tooth paste. i use fluoride free 'natures gate' no cavities since using it :) - look up 'fluoride toxicity'. chlorine is bad too. they kill the good bacteria in your digestive tract. I use a chlorine filter on my shower.

i drink fruit juice but water it down by 90%, too much sugar. for cereal use rice milk or almond milk (soymilk is bad - contains estrogen and causes a lot of problems - look up 'dangers of soy') (cow’s milk is too hard on the digestive system. if not organic it contains hormones and antibiotics) goat milk is a good alternative. i've started drinking raw goat milk kefir with no flare ups.

only whole grain bread and pastas in small quantities (processed white flour products are highly inflammatory)(gluten free diet is very beneficial)

the deodorant i use is 'thai' liquid form. i've tried every natural deodorant out there and this is the only one that works. it's awesome. most deodorants have propylene glycol or some form of aluminum junk in it. use natural shampoos, soaps and household cleaners. it reduces the amount of toxins getting in through your skin which leaches into your bloodstream.

stuff to avoid:

night shades- tomatoes, tobacco, eggplant, paprika, all peppers, goji berries and white potatoes. hard to eat out with this list :) night shades all contain toxins which overload our immune system. good resource dr. norman childers 'no nightshade diet.'

all refined sugars (highly inflammatory)
no white or cane sugar, agave, no high fructose corn syrup. alternatives in moderation: stevia is the best, lo han (monk fruit), and xylitol. needless to say all artificial sweeteners are never allowed (sucralose, aspartame, saccharine, sorbitol and many more. chewing gums and diet products contain all these poisons). if it says diet don’t buy it. Sugar is the main cause of my “p” getting worse.

no shellfish, fried foods, yeast, alcohol, smoking, smoked foods, peanuts, and reduce stress.

your skin goes through a 28 day cycle. it normally takes about 1 1/2 months to get my skin virtually clear. what normally happens is my skin normally gets a little worse at first from the toxins being flushed from the cells and going into the bloodstream. last only a couple of days. after two weeks or so the red patches start to heal from the center out. you will have a red circle but the middle will heal first that’s how you know if you’re on track. the rest of the healing process is up to you depending how dedicated you are to avoiding toxins and sticking to the organic diet. it’s really simple - if i'm on the diet my skin gets better, off the diet my skin gets worse. i have no one to blame but myself. i'm in control not my 'p'.

this diet allows the body to heal itself. this diet is for anyone that has tried all the immune suppressors, steriods, exotic remedies, miracle cures, and every 'p' cream known to man but had the 'p' come back and it will come back. fix the inside and you won't need any temporary external treatments. treat the cause not the symptom. eat to live or live to eat. the choice is yours. the diet works just give it time!!!!! i hope this will change someones life.

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Laura- congratulations that is great news. we wish you life time of clear scans :) thank you and God bless.


Laura-- congrates

I am also having 'p' dont know how i got that it ... but trying to get ride of it

I saw your deit plan sound interesting but confused

Can you please help me my friend with more info


Raj- i'd love to help you. what's confusing about the diet. what other info. or questions do you have about the diet. i'll try to answer as best i can or show you where you can find the info and research it for yourself.


How long does it take before you see the spot going away? i been on a super clean diet for over a month. I cut out all the carbs from my diet. right now only eating vegetables and fish to speed up the process. only thing i would say i did bad is eat sandwiches from subway once in a while in a week but i don't take the cheese or sauces. And every Sunday i have a cheat meal(only one meal, usually eat friend rice with chilli chicken) as it helps to shock the body cause im working out now. I drink a lot of water about 3 ltr a day. However, i live in Toronto and the water has fluoride on it. I cant really afford to buy water as i'm a student. Also my sleep hasn't been that great lately i end up sleeping about 6 hours a day, however i'm trying to change that to 8 now. The results been pretty slow so far.


It would be great if i could possibly contact you somehow? over facebook or email.


Lastly, my bowel movements been super soft. Maybe cause i use a lot of olive oil with my vegetables? or else the food taste so dry. Can you tell me how may i fix this bowel problem i been having?


Hey Milo- i've got the process to down about 1 1/2 months. it will take about 2 months normally as you figure out what triggers you have. remember your skin goes through a 28 day cycle so if your perfect with diet it would still take a month best case senario. it would really help to do a food allergy test some triggers for me were cantalope, rye, flax, hazelnuts, eggs but raw okay (must have good supplier) and tomatoes the worst. what kind of vegetables and fish do you eat? i would eat some carbs but complex and gluten free. tomatoes seem to be the worst for most people if your eating chicken chili once a week that may be keeping your skin from getting better and fried anything is bad for your digestive tract because it can't digest the food (have you seen 10 years old french fries). i would do brown rice and boiled or broiled chicken and flavor with herbs. since your working out i would use coconut instead of olive oil it's a medium chain fatty acids better for you and better energy source. organic whey good complete protein source. fluoride does serious damage to your immune system maybe you can get a water filter to help. sunlight is really helpful. living in toronto i know thats tough. sunlight produces vitamin d3 i use carlsons fish oil with vitamin d3 maybe you can supplement during the winter months. should have 1 bowel movement a day. stress is a big factor in causing flare ups. it's hard when your a student with limited funds. long time ago i at macaroni and cheese for a week because was out of money talk about flare ups :) if your not showing improvement by now somethings preventing it. let me know what kind of veggies and fish you eat. this is a complicated disease thats why the majority of people get frustrated and give up. once you find out what works for you its much easier. try to get sunlight even through a window will work since its still fairly cold up there. use a little coconut oil on your skin to keep it hydrated. good luck.


Milo- watch your sugar intake also. carbs are basically sugar. that subway roll has 80g of carbs and 10g of sugar thats quite a bit especially since its consumed all at once. best wishes


How would I do a food allergy test? I’m just not eating any carbs, because there is too much confusion if carbs are good or not for psoriasis. As I’m trying to speed up the process, im avoiding it. Once I finish my workout I have a proamsil protein shake (white chocolate), with L-glutamine. I’m eating a lot of broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, cauliflower, carrot, apple, banana all raw, as I mentioned earlier to speed up the process I stopped eating any meat currently. I only eat fish like tilapia, salmon, halibut, those that are frozen as I don’t have much money to afford the fresh ones.
Here is a BAN list I’m currently following:

Beans (except Green beans)
All Carbohydrates (except Oatmeal)

Egg plant
Peppers or spices made from peppers hot or not (except Black ground pepper)

Berries (except Blueberries)
Citrus fruits (except Lemons)

Red meat
Processed meats
All Diary Products
Animal fats

Peanut butter
All nuts

Fried foods
All sweets
All Sodas

Please let me know, if you think any changes should be made.


Milo- your diet looks really good. thats all good fish. your call but you could add a little brown rice for carbs since your body needs a little bit. spinach is really good but does reduce your absorption of calcium for me i wouldn't eat it more than twice a week. fats are not bad we just need the right ones so omega 3 and coconut oil are very good. bananas make me flare up possibly too much sugar or the latex proteins because they pick the bananas green which doesn't give the latex time to convert to sugar. you can experiment. if your eating bananas for potassium unsulfered dried apricots are a much better source. promasil shake is pretty good but like all these companies they add stevia which is good but then put sucralose and ace-k in it. sucralose was discovered when scientist were looking for a new insecticide. it is treated with tons of chemicals and not natural at all. the manufacturer says it is not absorbed by the body but research shows up to 40% can be stored. ace-k same thing contain things like methylene chloride a know carcinogen. i know this micro analysing might seem picky but just giving you info so you can research it and determine if its really for you or remove it from you diet temporarily and see if your skin improves. your diet looks really good i'm suprised you haven't seen any results yet. were coming into the summer so you'll be able to get good natural sunlight this makes a big difference for me. good luck.

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