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I found this on the internet and can't locate it now, but it is called GOOT and it works really well. You mix 3 tablespoons of minced garlic, coconut oil and olive oil. It hardens into a paste and you put it on morning and night. It took care of acute athlete's foot in 2 days. I will use it for 6 weeks though, as directed.

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Question: How much coconut oil and olive oil?


It is three tablespoons of each product.

jacquedixon. com/ ?p=28 (source, where I found the goot article)


how long do you leave it on?


Thanks so much for all the info re athletes foot. One of the comments mentioned that it could be Pompholyx, which I had never heard of before now. As nothing else worked for what I thought was athletes foot, I decided to try bicarbonate of soda (1 tspn) dissolved in water, large splash apple cider vinegar, plus 2 drops cedar wood essential oils and 2 of tea tree oil added for good measure, and bathed my foot in the hottish water for half an hour. Dried the foot, and after that, I rubbed in to the sore parts, 2 drops each of myrrth and frankincense essential oils. This morning, the pain on walking has gone and there is no more of the usual horrible smell! I think that the last two oils did the trick as they are both good for all sorts of skin problems. (Myrrh is quite expensive. It is also used for gum problems). I probably did overkill, but it appears to have worked for me. Thanks again for all of your helpful comments and experiences.

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