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My dog had severe Colitis for about a year and a half were sometimes he digested pure blood i spent thousands trying to help him until i tok him to a new vet he also dignosed him with severe colitis so he put him on a gastronicle diet and some sulvatrum and presidone. the affect on the colitis was huge by the time he was done all his meds and finish his bag of food there were no signs of colitis so i stoped the meds and the food and put him back to his old food and wet meat. 14 months later still no sign of colitis it was like a cure so far

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I'm sorry but your comment is useless. A dog is not a human. There is no relevant connection. I thought this site was for human problems. Also if you spent thousands on your dog you must have more money than sense and place animals first. There are plenty of other dogs out there wanting homes.


Ron your a nasty person....people like you is why animals are put first. All creatures live, breath and eventually die...dont think yourself any better my dear...this is why you suffer and areso miserable...maybe you need mental therapy.


Dogs are awesome.


Ron is right. Don't comment about a dog in a thread for humans. Dogs and humans don't share the same digestive tract so a human trying any medical practices for a dog , could result in more damage than good. Fucking people ???? Natural selection will do its work

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