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headache may be quite nasty sometimes and possible reasons for it may be excessive intake of foods,which are hot in nature,constipation,less sleep,less intake of liquids,high blood pressure etc. here is a simple remedy . take lemonjuice[1 medium size], a glass of water [200-250 ml],sme pint of salt. after squuezing lemonjuice in empty glass,add pinch of salt and then start pouring water from a jug from a height of 0.75 meter into glass containing lemon juice and salt. bubble formation takes place. then drink this liquid in 7-8 parts in such a way that everytime u sip it you churn it in ur mouth 5-6 times and then take it down. it will remove ur headache within 15-20 minutes. it is beneficial in mouth sores also.

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Your directions for the saltwater backwards

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