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I have had the worst pain all day, due to a cavity in my lower back molars.

I tired 1300mg of Panadol (paracetamol). Didn't work.

5 hours later, I tried a drop of tooth ache liquid, didn't work, but it tasted disgusting & made my mouth numb!

So I rinsed my mouth out with water & mouthwash until the taste was gone.

I then too 2 regular neurofen liquid capsules, 15 minutes later I ate 2 slices of bread & made a cup of tea.

I have reduced my pain from 100% - to at least 8%

I also held the hot tea mug against my cheek/jaw for extra warmth.

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Puting a hot tea bag on the effective tooth for about a half hour it helps it draws out the infection too. If you can bite down on the tea bag leave in your mouth for 30 mins repeat 3 times a day I'm doing it now had a toothache for 2 days I have a broken tooth it's helping.

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