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Hi ladies, i just had a bad oral thrush due to the antibiotics i was taking for my acne i guess. Just as i thought i was gonna die of a extremely painful and swollen tongue, i felt itchy and sore on my lady part. I was like oh no please dont. But still it happened. I've yeast infection down there too. But here's what i did, my mum taught me this after i gave birth to my son. I put a basin in the toilet bowl, one that fits just right and wouldnt drop in, fill it up with warm salt water, and play hayday on my phone for 20-30 mins. And It really helps girls! Good luck! <3

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Thank you so much. It really helped. I'm 15 and didn't want to tell my mom cause I didn't want her to think I was sexually active. I knew if it got bad I would so I just looked through the site and yours seemed less painful. Again, thank you so much!!!

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