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Thanks for all of the ideas everyone. Sounds like everyone's experience is a bit different? But here's mine:

1)I had 1 skin tag, about the size of a blueberry. My doctor said it had a tiny haemarroid in it. She wouldn't remove it - said she'd have to refer me to a surgeon ($$$)
2) tried tying it off. Got infected. Embarassing trip to the ER for antibiotics. Once it recovered was smaller, and haemarroid gone for some reason (?!!)
3) tried tying it off a couple more times. Either fell off, or got really painful and swollen (despite obsessive cleaning with antibacterial spray, keeping dry etc)
4) Finlly decided screw it, cut the bastard off. Took about 1.5 hours - could only cut a bit at a time because it was so painful and bled a lot (like a LOT). But finally, made the last snip and it was gone. I used really sharp and strong sewing scissors, and iced the area in between each cut to reduce bleeding. Also made sure I had some chocolate handy in case I got woozy! (didn't thankfully).
5) kept it clean, and it healed really quickly - no bleading after the first day, all good within a week.
6) still have a tiny stump, but other than that, totally smooth.

So, in conclusion: get it done at the doctors if you can afford it - it's embarrasing, but faster, easier and safer (given the infection risk of doing it yourself there's a reasonable chance you'll end up showing your butt to a stranger anyway, and at least if you just ask for it to be removed you won't have to give a sheepish 'so, I thought I'd try remove it myself' story). Otherwise, if you can handle it (ok with blood etc), honestly, cutting it off was less of an ordeal than tying it off for me.

Hope this helps someone, all the best!

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