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Having Problems With Smelly Sweaty Under Arms? Something That Really Helps And It's Very Simple To Do. 3 Things You Will Need. #1 Rubbing Alcohol #2 Vinegar #3 Cotton Pads Or Cotton Balls Your Choice. Using Same Amount Of Rubbing Alcohol And Vinegar Pour Some In An Empty Bottle. That Mixture Will Help With The Problem. Now With The Cotton Pads Or Cotton Balls Apply The Mixture And Leave For About 10-15 Mins. Do This Daily And You Will See Results. Hopefully This Was Helpful.

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So excited! I tried plain Rubbing Alcohol applied to a cotton ball and rub under both arm right after showering. Let it dry before putting my shirt on and its 10:00 pm and NO ORDOR! First day I haven't had to wear deodorant in years. Cant wait to try it tomorrow. Just in time for summer!


I tried it for the first two days it worked but bang the odor came back even worse than before and its affecting my work and social life please help


Tried this remedy yesterday and has worked instantly, I'm so thankful that I stumbled across this as it worked immediately and has already boosted my self confidence in less than 24hrs.
Thanx a million Janet.


Does it matter what kind of vinegar you use? All I have is apple cider vinegar. Is that too strong? Idk... My under arms are really sensitive and freak out and get rashes if I use a deoderant that isn't moisturizing enough. I'm scared to try this because alcohol is so drying. :-/


Exercising will definitely help he needs about a 1/2 hour a day. Also talk thearpy either from a therapist or with a friend or you. I know you weren't looking for herbal remedies but. eating fish or taking fish oil vitamins or other foods with a lot of omega 3 fatty acid does help. You can get omega 3 fatty acid from a lot of food sources, all you need to go is google it. Good Luck to the both of you. Was this answer helpful?

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