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Ok, so I had a very dear friend that was like my adopted grandfather, and there was almost never a day that went by where he did not say... 'honey will cure anything you got!'. Well, I had this horrible, gross, yellow toe nail fungus on my big toe that I was always covering up with nail polish so no one would see it, and one day I decided 'what could it hurt? so I applied fresh unpasturized honey to the nail and covered it with gauze and taped it up once in the morning and once at night, and NO LIE!!! within a WEEK the nail looked like it was going to shrivel up and die. Within 2 weeks, it broke off right where the yellow gross stuff had begun, and a beautiful, fresh new nail grew just behind it. I will never again doubt the words of an older, wiser, grandfatherly man!!! DOn't waste your money or your health on some prescription junk with more side effects then a car accident! Try this and you will be amazed!!

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So how long did you leave the honey on your toe?


Does the toe have to be covered all day after covering in the morning? Or do you uncover some point during the day and recover at night?


Soak your feet in water mixed with white vinegar. I have had toe/foot fungus for years. This has worked! Soak once a day, everyday.


FWIW, this worked because raw (unpasteurized) honey has natural antibacterial & antifungal properties.

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