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27 years ago, I had 2 fillings put in. One on top, one on bottom. Last tight I woke from sleep with both of those teeth throbbing. I tried ibu and Tylenol. There was enough relief to go back to sleep eventually. The pain came back soon after arriving at work. I took pain killers all day with little help. By the time ingot home I was in years. I found this site, tried peppermint oil, tea bag, and hydrogen proxide. No help. Then I decided to crush I up ibuprofen and mix together with natural things that I know fight infections; raw honey, cinnamon, coconut oil, peppermint oil, in 2 oz of very strong green tea. I held it I'm my mouth for a few min, swallowed, and repeated. Pain gone!!!!

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Seven hours ago I had a partial root canal done and my entire right side of my face was in so much pain. I tried two hydrocodone, ice and heat with no results. Five hours later I took two valium and another hour later I took another hydrocodone. (I can't take advil) Nothing was working ... I read your note and tried two bags of peppermint tea, two bags of ginger tea with two drops of pure peppermint oil and the pain is almost gone and I'm not even done drinking the rest of my tea. Thank you so much for saving me a trip to the emergency room!

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