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Just some background info im an african american woman, been suffering with mostly bv n occasional yeast infection on and off for 3 years. I've tried everything imaginable.

1- Stop Douching Immediately ! Its no good for your vagina nd also gets rid of good bacteria and can cause PID. Also do not use any soap around your vagina. only put soap in places where hair grows in that region. take your hand or a CLEAN washcloth with only water n wipe away any debris gently. The key is to leave your vagina ALONE, it will clean itself through discharge!

2- Take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C daily and insert 1 capsule only once and let it come out on its own. This will regulate vaginal PH, keeping it acidic.

3-.THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Go to the store and purchase Vitamin D3. Make sure each pill id atleast 2,000 iu. I have dark skin, do not go in the sun and don't drink milk so my Vitamin D levels were in the pits. Without Vitamin D your body cannot regulate intestinal or vaginal flora. It would be best to go to the doctor and ask for them to check your vitamin D levels and have them prescribe you the correct amount of iu's of vitamin d to take. I knew I was severely deficient so in the morning I took 10,000 ius of vitamin D and 1,000 mg of vitamin C. Then at night I took another 10,000 ius n went to bed.
Your odor will leave immediately as the good bacteria flood your vagina. I urge everyone to try this especially if you feel u might b deficient in this vitamin. Lastly, I previously was taking Vitamin D3 for months but only 4,000 ius. Dont be scared to up your dosage, I urge you to research. I hope this helps someone somewhere.

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Okay I just wanna say I didn't even use the vitamin c insert and it fully worked! The first couple days I felt an itch as well like a yeast infection but that went away and I just feel good as new. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


I have suffered from BV for years and havn't been able to stick to any full on diets that ask you to eat like a Vegan. Antibiotics don't work at all for me and I've tried quite a lot of stuff to try and fix it myself.

I had some Vitamin C (Ester C) at home so thought I'd give it ago after reading this. I did it yesterday and today there seems to be no smell at all. Havn't tried the Vitamin D yet as I get quite a lot of sun and don't know if I'd need it. I am going to get some multivites though and try and improve my immune system and cut out sugar.

Thanks for the tip - I have my fingers crossed that it works as it is a hideous infection to have that makes me not even want to meet a man let alone have sex. At least we know we're not alone!


Well guys... After 3-4days it's back :( I'm not sure if I should try it again or shoot to the doctor and get Cleocin?!?! This is so annoying.. Good luck everyone else

VC & VD is all you need


So my new hubby and I were set to head off right after marriage to our honeymoon. Everything else had been taken care of like making sure period wasn't to show up until later. But if you ask me the WORST time to display this horrid BV smell is on your honeymoon night.

I've dealt w/ BV for about 5 years now and at first it only seemed to occur when I used a latex condom. It got to the point that I could just call into my dr's office and tell them I needed a fixer b/c I used the latex. Then w/ my now hubby, it seemed to never go away ;(. I tried the other suggestions of using a probiotic from Target and thought it may have helped a bit, but it only helped slightly w/ the smell. A week before the wedding I had my annual check up and swore to my new dr. that something was wrong. He said it wasn't.... So I listened. I got a call literally the day before my wedding saying they had found some 'hidden' traces of BV in my lab. They wanted to prescribe to me the vaginal creme insert. I reminded them my wedding day was the next day and begin scrambling on this site for something!?!?

It's been 8 days since I tried the suggested comment of inserting the Vitamin C 1000mg. I used the Vitamin Shoppe brand and also purchased Vitamin D3 5000mg. THIS WORKS!!!!

My older GYN had also advised me of being D insufficient so I figured this had to work. I only inserted the C one time and had no burning sensation whatsoever. I continue to take (2) 5k mg of D and (1) 1k capsule of C along w/ my probiotic. The entire time of our honeymoon, I only rinsed my outer vagina w/ water.

You have truly been a blessing to me!

Vegan girl

A few years back my doctor diagnosed me with vitamin D deficiency. I never acted upon it although recently I finally decided to order me some vitamin D3 caplets. They are 5000 IU. I take two in the morning and honestly guys in a few days my BV was completely GONE! I wasn't even taking them for my BV (I had accepted the fact that I was going to live with it forever) I was taking them because I felt depressed, lack of energy, & groggy. I just didn't feel healthy. After all of the new tease arch I'm doing now, I'm learning that black women are more prone to vitamin D deficiency! my bacterial vaginosis is gone I recommend anyone woman who is suffering with this to try it. And I dont even take the vitamin C. Goodluck ladies.

Vegan Giri

Typo reasearch*


God Bless You! Have been dealing with bv for a month! Researching, researching and researching home remedies to no avail. Only an hour has passed from your recomendation of vit c & d and already the smell is gone! Thank you for posting your message!!! You are an angel!!

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