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Just some background info im an african american woman, been suffering with mostly bv n occasional yeast infection on and off for 3 years. I've tried everything imaginable.

1- Stop Douching Immediately ! Its no good for your vagina nd also gets rid of good bacteria and can cause PID. Also do not use any soap around your vagina. only put soap in places where hair grows in that region. take your hand or a CLEAN washcloth with only water n wipe away any debris gently. The key is to leave your vagina ALONE, it will clean itself through discharge!

2- Take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C daily and insert 1 capsule only once and let it come out on its own. This will regulate vaginal PH, keeping it acidic.

3-.THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Go to the store and purchase Vitamin D3. Make sure each pill id atleast 2,000 iu. I have dark skin, do not go in the sun and don't drink milk so my Vitamin D levels were in the pits. Without Vitamin D your body cannot regulate intestinal or vaginal flora. It would be best to go to the doctor and ask for them to check your vitamin D levels and have them prescribe you the correct amount of iu's of vitamin d to take. I knew I was severely deficient so in the morning I took 10,000 ius of vitamin D and 1,000 mg of vitamin C. Then at night I took another 10,000 ius n went to bed.
Your odor will leave immediately as the good bacteria flood your vagina. I urge everyone to try this especially if you feel u might b deficient in this vitamin. Lastly, I previously was taking Vitamin D3 for months but only 4,000 ius. Dont be scared to up your dosage, I urge you to research. I hope this helps someone somewhere.

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I tried this 2 days ago and few hours after i tried it, the awful smell was gone! It works! Thank You! (I hope this cure is permanent).


You said you took the Vitamin D supplement twice in one you continue to do that or lower it to once a day?


now I take 10,000iu daily to be sure and no theres no spec brand of pills to take, but the higher the iu dosage for the vitamin d3 the better so ull b taking less pills


I use the birth control method nuvaring. When I insert the vitamin will it affect it in any way?


Thank you for the suggestion. Can I insert a Vit C tablrt or does it have to be a capsule?


i accdidentally bought a pH neutral vitamin c product...the capsules are buffered with calcium..will that have the same effect on the environment in the vagina? if not would it be okay to substitute boric acid as a suppository instead?


Is it normal that it burns when you insert the Vitamin C and the vagina can get a little swollen? Also, how many times do we do this? Until it's gone? Please answer. But I think it is working for me.


Did anyone find out if it's ok to use vit c tablet in the vagina? 10,000 iu of Vit D Seems like a lot has anyone else tried this yet?


^^^^^ I used a Vitamin C tablet, and it works. It burns a little, but it really works. I bought Vitamin D3 2000iu and Vitamin C 1000mg and they worked very well. And if you are wondering what brand, its just the CVS brand. It cleared me out almost completely. I think it's actually all gone. Good luck!


I tried this last night and the smell is GONE!! I'm having some slight irritation as if a yeast infection is approaching but it's only day 1 technically so let's see what tomorrow brings. The store only had D3 1000ic do I doubled the dose. Hope the results last. THANK YOU so much for helping all of us!!

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