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I myself have a swollen face right now from a tooth that has been crowned and now needs a root canal. I have my dentistry done in Los Algodonas Mexico, right outside of Yuma Arizona. This is a boarder town that sells discount prescriptions without a prescription, glasses and dentistry. There are many dentists there, and the price is 1/4 of what you would pay in the US. You need a passport or a passport card to cross back into US. I have had 10 crowns, 3 root canals, and upper and lower partials made. In the US I was quoted 24 thousand, in Mexico I have had everything done over past 2 years for under $2800. A crown is just under $200 and a root canal is $130. Crowns are prepped and cemented in two or three days. They offer a bed and breakfast to stay in while you have your dental work done for $30 a night. I use my tax refund each year to get my work done for me and my husband. I have a smile I can be proud of and I could afford. I worked as a dental assistant for a decade when I was young, and I know alot about dental issues. The offices in Mexico have all the newest equipment, friendly and qualified dentists. I also have a tip for those with a toothache, oil of clove soothes the nerves when you have an exposed nerve. You can buy it at the health food store in your area. This is what dentists used to use when they open a tooth to drain, as it is soothing to the nerve and an anticeptic.

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Can you share the name of the dental office that did the root canal and crown in Algodones?

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