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Patty P.

To end my Muscle cramps that always seem to be in the middle of the night. I mix a tablespoon of vineagar with a teaspoon of honey works in less than 60 seconds.

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You need the honey to make the vinegar palatable.

The vinegar gives you a dose of magnesium.

Cheaper, quicker, easier to take one pinch of Epsom salts in your morning tea (or any other drink). Work up to four pinches, if it still doesn't work, it is not magnesium you need. And in acute cases, it works in less than two minutes.


yeah you are right man vinegar and honey who would have thought I appreciate that one

Barb Wagner

Thank you so much. I had heard of pickle juice which does work but I think this worked better. No, it doesn't taste good but when you have painful leg cramps you will enstop.just about any taste to get it to stop.


What kind of vinegar?


Last night I had cramp on left leg then I tried to walk thinking that blood circulation might help but it didn’t then my right started having the cramp. I thought I have to go to ER as something wrong going. I googled and found that Someone tried putting soap in the socks. I quickly grabbed the soap from bathroom , wore the socks and put the soap in inside . The cramp was gone. It was amazing how quickly I had the relief. Thank you Christina for this tip

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