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Patty P.

To end my Muscle cramps that always seem to be in the middle of the night. I mix a tablespoon of vineagar with a teaspoon of honey works in less than 60 seconds.

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This really worked as stated!!! Thank You


It truly works I don't even feel my cramps knocked them out in like 40 seconds


do you drink this or put it on the cramp?


Same question, do you eat it or put it?


Do you drink it or rub on area.


Unfortunately, you drink it. But amazingly, it works! Both honey, and vinegar help circulation, so they are very affective in loosening tight muscles and joints.


Can you take this before bed? That's when I commonly get them as I'm trying to sleep.

Tracy (Mother of 3)

Thank you so much for this post...I just experienced an excruciating lower leg/ankle spasm and within seconds of taking this combination vinegar and honey my pain was bearable, then completely gone!!! This worked wonderfully!!! I will definitely share this recipe with others but it will be a staple of mine forever. No more palms filled with salt for me when those nasty spasms attack in the future!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! God Bless You!!!


this was a life saver for me i woke up with an ankle cramp. i was in so much pain i started to sweat it was just that bad. thank u for this remedy it does work back to sleep for me lol

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