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Think about what you ate before the outbreak. Was it Chocolate or nuts? Did you have hot chocolate and then a sundae with nuts? Right afterwards an outbreak? They seem to be the biggest offenders because they are high in Arginine, or L-arginine, an amino acid that is said to contribute to outbreaks. How about Oatmeal, whole wheat or green peas? If you google the name of the condition along with Lysine, you will come up with a list of foods to watch out for. Lysine is the amino acid that keeps it away. Provolone Cheese is very good. You can check out: Food Groups with Lysine for Herpes.
Anytime you get an outbreak make a list of what you ate and check it out for high arginine low lysine. If you have a craving for chocolate, you can buy lysine at any local store that sells vitamins - its not expensive. You want to conteract the Arginine in the chocolate or nuts with Lysine. Vitamin C also helps because Vitamin C is said to build collagen around the cells - it helps to keep viruses from getting in. Personally, I think the chewables are best assimilated by the body. Before the outbreak when you tingle it really helps to massage the area as much as you can all day if its in an area that you can massage. Rub your hands together till they heat a little and then use a good cream from the health food store. Between the vit. c, lysine, and massage you might not even get the outbreak. PS I am not a medical professional and this is not meant to replace a doctor's advice, its only a personal opinion of what worked for some friends of mine. Hope it helps.

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I agree with the Lysine and stay away from chocolate and nuts (which I love)...I have to increase the vit c, haven't been using that much.

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