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Went to the doctor yesterday and my doctor confirmed what I suspected to be true - I have herpes. She will not have the official lab results until Friday but she has been a nurse practitioner for 37 years and I of course trust her opinion. She prescribed me an antiviral medication which I will take for ten days that should hopefully clear up my first outbreak.

The hard part was telling my boyfriend because at this point I have no idea who I contracted the virus from and if he has it or not. He currently has no symptoms and is making an immediate doctor's appointment to get tested. We have only been together for a month and a half but I never experienced an outbreak or any symptoms until after I had intercourse with him. That does not necessarily mean he gave it to me but right now he is absolutely devastated at the thought that he harmed me and there is no comforting him until he finds out if he has it as well :(

I have already accepted that I will have herpes for the rest of my life and is focused on finding a way to cope. Right now it sucks because I feel I have no one to talk to about this. Not my family, not my friends.....I am too embarrassed and somewhat ashamed. This first outbreak is very painful and last night I could barely sleep from the pain. I feel so alone. Any advice or words of encouragement will help. I especially need any advice with how to make this outbreak more manageable :(

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I have just read your comment and sounds so much like mine, I work in a GP surgery and I too felt a bit ashamed of who new of my problem, but to be honest if we were more open and not so ashamed of what had happened more people would be aware and hopefully take precautions (like we should have done) to not spreading this virus. Some of my friends who meet new partners, make them have a sexual screen before they would consider not using condoms. I used to laugh but now deeply regret this. On a lighter note, it is part of my life now, not all the time and you just get used to dealing with it. Good luck hun


I've been living with this for 4 years now. My boyfriend and I broke up after I found out I had it. I actually think I may have got it from a colonoscopy. I still have issues with pursuing relationships because I would be devastated I infected someone else. I've taken Valtrex for 4 years and I'm not even sexually active. I have had two relationships in this time. Both men didn't care that I had the virus and one refused to use condoms (which makes me think he may have been untruthful as to whether he had it or not. You'll get through this outbreak. It just needs to run it's course. Most importantly you need to be kind to yourself. You did nothing wrong, stuff just happens. You're still you and worth loving and knowing.


The first outbreak is the worst. Its scary and you feel all alone, we all understand. But honestly, once you learn how to manage it, its not to hard to live with. The first year you many have 4 or 5 outbreaks...I have had it for 4 years. after the first year I only have maybe 2 outbreaks a year. A healthy diet, exercise and the Valtrex helps it manage it. You will begin to learn the symptoms before an outbreak occurs. A tingly pricky feeling in the spot where the outbreak is gona occur, and i notice my sleep gets restless a day or two before. Good luck, its not the end of the world, you will learn to manage it and have a healthy life.


your experience probably resonates with what so many of us felt when we first found out. I burst out crying, seeing this as a life sentence. The doctor I saw (not my reguar GP as I didn't have access to them) was also pathetic at informing me about it, so I sat with worse case scenarios until I could go to a better GP a week later. My advice would be to educate yourself as much as possible, but look for good sources of information too. Sexual health centres can be really good places because they won't be judgemental in a way GP's might, and also for me really helped with the stigma side. Herpes really sucks, but on the scale of things it could be a lot worse. It is uncomfortable, but that first outbreak is highly likely your worst, and on a medical level it doesn't effect the health too severely, doesn't lead to infertility, etc. The biggest issue is the social stigma, and though we may have made some silly decisons, more often than not it is due to legitimate ignorance. There is not a lot of information out about this because people have shame about it. Find out if you have type 1 or type 2, and as far as your boyfriend goes, know either of you could have given it to each other, but neither intentionally. Type 1 particularly is easily passed on as most of the population is carrying it orally but doesn't realise it (this is the type that causes coldsores and can be passed on through oral sex). Get educated so you can inform your lovers, but don't feel infected or unsexy. You ARE sexy, you just need to give your body a little space to heal this outbreak. The more I have talked about it the better I have felt, AND learnt how many other friends have had similar experiences with HSV or other STIs. You are not alone, and while it means an awkward conversation with future lovers, most people won't mind if you give them an informed spiel about the risks. I don't advocate for taking anti-virals every day, but this is a decision for each individual. Eat well, get enough sleep, and listen to your body. It's just a cold sore on your bits. :) hope the discomfort goes away soon. x


One thing that really helped with my first outbreak was a sitz bath with epson salt. You can go to most drugstores and get one. You just place it over your toliet without having to get into a bath. The warm water is calming to the area. Also at night time I would sleep in a gown or tshirt without any underwear on. This gave me a chance to let it breathe and avoided further irritation at night. It's important to keep your immune system strong from this point on. Some supplements you could try are: l-lysine, zinc, vitamin b-1, a, c, e, and echinacea. Stress also plays a role too in future outbreaks so if you think it's needed discuss other medications you might could try for stress and depression management. I found it helpful to get a counselor after I found out just so I could have someone to discuss my fears and feelings about the diagnosis with. It helped to have that safe place. Stay strong, I promise it gets better with time.


Witchazel relieves the itching and soreness nyal cold sore cream soothes and heals the sores and aclovair cream speeds healing have used this method for many years and can live with gh comfortably

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