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Found to small painless lumps either side of my dick, just behind the head. Went online - Yep they looked like GW. Freaked out for a bit, then stumbled across this thread.

After reading some 8 pages in and seeing 'ACV' 'ACV' everywhere, and wondering where the hell I'd find it in this country, one post stood out to me. The fellow said he tried rubbing alcohol and hey presto! It worked in a matter of days.

So I grabbed the little bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk (98%+ Alcohol AND an antibacterial), the type you can buy anywhere.
I then made little tissue pads four or five layers thick, a drop of the hand sanitizer on the tissue pad and squeezed it to the wart. Sure enough they turned white in a few minutes - indicating that they were indeed GW.
Also one or two extra white dots appeared - obviously new ones under the surface yet to pop. No sign of them now.

So for twice a day the past two days, an hour each time, I been lying on bed, watching internet while I squeeze the sanitzer (Pure Alcohol), soaked tissue pad to the infected area. And I mean SQUEEZE so it soaks in.
Reapply the gel frequently.
No pain or burning for me - just a tingle.

Day two today and they both just fell of with a hard rub, leaving a neat redish sore, but nothing unhealthy. So far so good.

So it seems that pure alcohol can do the trick, and without the burn or smell of ACV, and no need for sterilization as it's hand sanitizer!

It's also worth noting: I caught it early, mine were really small, and my immune system is pretty good considering the beating I give it.

Fingers crossed and hope it all continues to clear up with minimum of fuss!

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GREAT advice! Thank you!


I bet they fell off after a nice hard rub ;)

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