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Here goes ... I am 23 and i have had herpes for a year and 3 months now ... i contracted it in my second year at college . I got it from a dude i was messing around with. It was the worst mistake of my life and im now paying for it. I remember waking up and just not feeling right. My vagina was red and itchy. I decided to go to the doctor. She said it was just an infection and it would go away. She gave me medications. After a few days of taking the meds it wasnt working and the pain became worst. Then I realize that i had sores on the outside of my vagina. I went back to the doctor and she told me i had herpes. I told the dude i was messing around with what the doctor said. He really didnt care in my opinion. I went through a really bad first OB i couldnt walk or pee or even take a shower properly. I told my room mate about my situation since she was my really good friend. After a few weeks she stop talking to me and moved out.I was alone and had noone. The dude i got it from now has a girl friend which pretty much devastated me. im pretty sure he havent told her about it either. BUT its not the end life goes on. I usually get OB before my period. which isnt cool. I have been looking for home remedies to help manage it( im so glad i found this page) i have read a few post and i will try a few . Thanks to everyone who posted here

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The same thing happened to me. A very long time ago I was dating an older man. We were having unprotected sex and I contracted GH. I don't tell anyone because I know what the reaction will be.
I do get outbreaks, but not like I used to. I also used to get them around my period time and it seemed to take forever to go away.
Now, I dont even get them yearly. It seems to just change here and there. If you want to talk just let me know.


Try the daily pills, Valtrx. I haven't had a rough OB for over a year now. The only symptoms I get is really itch before my period and I get itchy very often. I had it since march of 2004. Yes the first outbreak is very painful.


I have had herpes since 2010...I didn't know I had it until I ended up in the hospital with viral the time I was in a relationship (still am) and wondered if he had given it to I guess it doesn't matter...the thing is I have been battling depression about this ever since...I feel trapped because if I am no longer in a relationship I feel like I will never be intimate again...I usually have outbreaks right when I get my period and have been trying to find a way to prevent far no go...but it's nice to see that I am not alone anymore


I'm having the before period if you find anything that works for you please comment back

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