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I'm 35 years old. I have all my wisdom teeth grown fully in, they are all in the vertical position. I have only one wisdom tooth that gives me problems, such as abscess, and that's my bottom, left, wisdom tooth. Since I cannot afford a dentist, these are the steps that I use to deal with the pain and to treat the abscess as well as treat my teeth in general. But before I go into my procedures, this is what I have been noticing; I noticed whenever I do not floss my teeth for some time, an abscess would flare up. So right then, I would get my remedies together to perform an abscess treatment. This is what I use:

°Very warm water
° Cup
°Cotton swabs, if no cotton swabs use paper towels
° Toothpick
° toothbrush
° Toothpaste
° Floss

I began by running very warm in the sink. Next I put salt in the cup, just enough to cover the bottom of the cup. I put the warm water in the cup only filling the cup up a quarter. You want the water to be very salty. I would then use the bottom of my toothbrush to dissolve the salt in the water. I would take a cotton swab and dip it in the salty water, saturating the cotton swab. I would then place the cotton swab over the infected tooth area, biting down on the cotton swab. Yes this is very painful, but effective. I do not know any medical explanation for why salt is best for this, but it is. PLEASE DO NOT SWALLOW THE SALT WATER!!! When your mouth is full with saliva, discharge the saliva into the toilet, take out the first cotton swab, rinse your mouth out with the running warm water, then repeat the steps again until the swelling has gone down. Once the swelling has gone down, with a toothpick (I usually use the plastic toothpicks with floss attached to it) thoroughly clean the plaque that's around the tooth. Rinse your mouth out with salt water during the toothpick cleaning stage. After you have thoroughly cleaned the effected area, rinse your mouth out with clean water, getting rid of the salty taste. Brush your teeth as normal, then floss after brushing your teeth.

The procedure should take you at least 30 minutes to perform.

Like I said, I only do this because I cannot afford a dentist and my job. For years I have been doing this whenever I get an abscess in my mouth. If you got the money/insurance go and get your teeth taking care of.

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