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a guy was at my house asked if i had anything for heartburn i didnt so he asked if i had tooth paste he took a little on his finger put it in mouth moved it around a little and swallowed it so the next time i got heartburn i tryed it to my surprise it worked

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sophie 011

i've been getting heartburn on and off for years and especially when i was pregnant, i was out a fortune on rennies, remegel and gavisgon, milk works only temporarily but it returns soon after. i've recently been told sodium bicarbonate (baking/berad soda) works, i took it yesterday and didnt have heartburn all evening! a teaspoon disolved in a glass of water is enough. also u really have to watch what you eat because alot of food can trigger heartburn!


If you read the precautions on a tube of fluoride toothpaste it indicates small children should only use a pea sized amount and to not swallow it. That should give you a good indication that it's probably not safe to swallow on a regular basis at any age. You might want to stick to the more food based cures for heartburn.


Swallowing the toothpaste really works well and as long as you do not swallow more than you would use for brushing, I think as long as you don't swallow more than the pea size dose once a night you are fine.

Heartburn survivor

This works bottom line didnt have any of the ither stuff people suggested.


Tooth paste work the best and fastest. Its a life saver


Wow its gone no heartburn

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