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2 drops of young livings brand 'thieves' oil 3x a day. Its about $35 on I've had mine frozen off, and they came back a few days later (multiplied, of course), tried ACV but it burned and bled and smelled horrific. After one day of the thieves oil (which WILL burn for about a minute) there's a HUGE difference. All the warts have turned white and feel like scabs, so I will continue this method. Thieves contains clove, rosemary and a few other herbal ingredients that have very strong anti-viral properties, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works!

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Can you please update your result .., thank you


It did work for the smaller ones, but I still had a few tricky ones that stuck around. Then of course I wanted to give my skin a break to heal..which was a mistake because they came back almost instantly. Now I've returned to the thieves oil, as well as peroxide also working on my immune system. Vitamin C, garlic capsuls, B12, and a multivitamin. Also last night I did an ACV soak on the area as long as I could stand it, and about half of them came off with a good scrub this morning.

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