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I’ve battled with planters warts for many many years over 20 years and after trying lots of removal options have finally found that in my case the warts seems to 'flourish' when my immune system was low. I started taking Zinc and vitamin c tablets to build my immune system and to my absolute amazement...The warts are just disintegrating some are totally gone! And this in without any direct treatment... hope this helps someone fighting these terrible thing 

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I thoroughly agree with this.

I had 5 plantar warts on my feet and 10 on my hands for other 8 years. I had had one wart cut out 4 times by a doctor and it always grew back.

One summer I spent the time with a relative and she fed me foods I didn't normally eat in particular Paw Paw.

All of my warts disappeared one at a time over the next 2 months.


yeah, I cant believe after all these years i am wart free just from taking a good dose of vitimin C and zinc every day. interesting that changing your diet worked.

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