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Panic attack it started for me like 2 hrs ago I would b partying like any other night and boom my heart is bouncing around in my chest like beach ball before I know it I'm in the hospital going through every type of heart test I go home just to go through it again the following week of course now I'm on a first name basis with the er doctor dying again he says yea I know embarrassing so the doc takes my bloodwork and says it's time to give up the extra curricular I go home I try Xanax that really helped when ever I got the attack I would just do one and it would relax this went on for about a year but I just needed to find a way to still have fun with out those shitty attacks . I then was introduced to the beta blocker that worked the best yes poof they were gone blood pressure always super low and hr in the 50's until one day I looked at the side affects of those things I'm thinking there no good cause all people talk about is when u come off there a high chance of heart attack heart failure and a mess of other things so I'm off but the beta did seem to work so I guess I'm just stuck with this problem unless someone can help me my wife thinks I'm nuts getting support from here out the window sometimes I just need a little support to get me through and I come out of it if someone can give me some sort of info on how to get rid of these symptoms please let me know just like you all have the numbness pins and needles I know I'm not dying but it sure he'll feels like it well thanks for listening as u can probably tell Im having one now but reading all your guys posts really does help

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Pins and needles feeling is from hyperventilating.Your not nuts I go through it.I didnt feel like I was beathing too much but it was the shallow short breathes that threw me in the hospital my oxygen was 110 I was numb to the point I thought I was having a stroke I couldn't open my hands they clinched up.What causes mine is the day after drinking heavy...and at times seems random while driving.It's the fight or flight Adrenalin kicks in at the wrong time.Which makes you feel unsafe for no real threat.

Becca again

I got percribed Adivan it worked so awesome but can be addicting so only took it only when really needed and never drink with it.Natural cure for me is avoid Drinking,smoking,and exercise daily...Chamomile Tea is relaxing.Being scared of having one can causes one.I avoided driving on the freeway because I had a really bad anxiety/panic attack while driving hungover I had to pull over I was shaking so bad and felt like blacking out it now I fear it will happen again which is no way to live.When I stopped smoking and drinking for a month it stopped and I felt normal.

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