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Wrap a crushed, raw clove of garlic in a piece of gauze & insert into the vagina (without the gauze, it can itch like a mother*******). This works for some people, but usually only for a mild infection.

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i have just been suffering from my second yeast infection during the course of my life and initially i bought monistat 3 and after the first day i thought i felt better but during the day the itching almost drove me crazy! i was desperate, irritable and emotionally a mess (the infection could have not come at a worse time, so much studying to do and i couldn't concentrate!) so i googled remedies to cure the itch of yeast infection (i had heard about home remedies) and i read this comment on the use of garlic, and another about using yoghurt. i dragged myself out of the house to the store, only to find garlic, came home and i swear to you after 20 minutes or so i definately felt a change! a positive change! today will be day 3 of the monistat and during the day i put in a clove of garlic and i feel on top of the world and ready to tackle the books. thank you so much for sharing with the masses an effective stategy of relieving the torturous itch of a yeast infection. it really is a terrible experience and its so comforting to know that not only do others experience and understand, but are willing to help out. thank you soooooo much!!!!



aye Ponder

ok..... first off..... I don't think someone who is walking around with garlic in their crotch should be saying that anyone else is nasty, I mean for heaven's sake why bother posting a comment if you're just going to be an insensitive ass. These sites are here to help people. Second off.... I would reallllly like to know who was the first person to actually think of putting garlic up their vag???? If it wasn't for these comments, would anyone do it? I mean that really is a funny thought. like, who ever thought of drinking cows milk or eating a chickens egg? Don't even get me started on sex? Why would anyone think of that? Sorry about my rant. I'm just up with heartburn because my remedy didn't work, and i'm feeling philisophical...


The garlic clove wrapped in gauze worked for me to cure the YI. BUT when i went to have sex my vagina was so swollen in the inside my partner could not enter. Not a good thing. I did not feel any pain until we tried to have sex. The remedy did work but be careful. I inserted the garlic overnight for 3-5 hours. I also put it in the nexy day for about4. I had sex immediately afterward. Did not notice a bad smell.


The garlic works well for me and so does the yogurt. I had a yeast infection and inserted a large clove of garlic at bedtime three ago, just as I had done several times in the past. Normally it would come out in the morning easily. This time it did not. I attempted to find it in there with no success (and I tried a lot of things!). Finally I gave up, thinking it must have come out same time as bowel movement and I did not see it. Wrong! It came out this morning, three days later, intact. I did not suffer any ill effects from this and am posting in case this happens to someone else. Don't panic, it will come out by itself eventually. Next time, I will try the thread method, using a needle to put it through the clove, leaving a long string. :) Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences here.


i want to know who thought of this first so I can thank her for being awesome. Maybe mom isn't especially nasty, but certainly overreacting. Going to the ER for a garlic clove is overkill. It's much easier in all things if we just relax. That's right, chill the fuck out. Maybe being uptight caused her to hold on to that garlic like a vice grip. There is no 'overdosing' on garlic. Not from one clove. Also, it does not smell in the least - personal experience.


I tried this and it burned so much that I coulnt get it in

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