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Wrap a crushed, raw clove of garlic in a piece of gauze & insert into the vagina (without the gauze, it can itch like a mother*******). This works for some people, but usually only for a mild infection.

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Inserting garlic wrapped in a little gauze as a vaginal suppository works wonderfully..


I've been checking out this site for about a month now b'c I am skeptical about everything but I must say...out of all of the home remedies I've read, this is the most effective one yet.

I inserted one raw garlic clove (after wrapping it with dental floss so that I could easily retrieve it) and left it there overnight and infection was gone...


Don't try this.... My mother is in the emergency room now, bc the garlic wrap got lost in her swollen vagina somehow. She even had a string on it... Im not sure what went wrong, but no more home remidies for us.


this is to the last comment saying that the girl's mom is 'nasty as fuck' That was not nice. Just because garlic works for some, doesn't mean it works for all. Relax.


I've always been a garlic lover so I was willing to try this.
I tried this, and in the morning I noticed a big difference right away. Used a second 'wrap' the next day for a few hours, and it worked perfectly!!!!


Worked great for me, too.


it does work, and the floss thing is something I've done.

nothing can get 'lost' in your vagina, but if one is uncomfortable with their bodies and/or is tense, it will be difficult to retreive a 'lost' clove. Best thing to do if that happens is to squat and push.



You don't have to be nasty to have a problem except when the problem is mental then words show how nasty the mind is.Now thats grosser than any problem on this site. Maybe there's a remedy for that here. The
suppository can easily get stuck or lost and thats not new info. or too gross considering the reason for reading about this remedy. Simply put there are some better methods like probiotic douching and suppositories.

Happy Girl

I was skeptical at first, but with the most painful YI. I soaked in a bath w/ ACV/Salt & Hot H20 up to my pelvis for 25 mins, inserted live yogurt into my vagina w/ tampon, drank ACV/H20 before bedtime, took 3 acidopholis caplets, and put a wrapped (big) garlic clove into my vagina at bedtime. I just woke up with my symptoms GONE. My outer vaginal area is a little sensitive still, so I will repeat the process today/tonight to be safe, but I have no more discharge or itching or anything.It is AMAZING. Thank You.. I first had a reaction to Monistat and couldn't use it.


I am appauled at the individua who would dare to make such an insensitive coment about someone's mother. I am sure you have a mother of your own and would not appreciate it if the tables were turned. Any how, I am a bit skeptical about the garlic. wouldn't it leave a scent? We me be trading one problem for another. I have always heard good things about yogurt. Please ladies, plain yogurt, no fruit on the bottom!

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