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I've been experiencing some unbelievably bad toothache for the past few days. this afternoon I decided to research about toothache 'reliefs' and came across this site.. I read thru most of the remedies, and found some of them to be quite shocking.. I tried the bread one and it worked :) but only for a few mins :( I then tried the sensodyne remedy and this also worked for a few minutes.. I then tried the salt remedy, in which I used coarse salt and OMW it has worked wonders.. I just hope I'm not speaking too soon and hope it reliefs the pain for a few hours at least :).. Thanks to everyone for all their remedies :) and good luck to everyone else suffering with bad toothache..

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DEFINITELY works!!! read this and thought yea right no way this is gonna i just tried it and its gone...i used kosher salt!


The salt worked for me thanks very much


so do I use reg table salt


can i use sea salt its all i have on hand


Thank you so much for telling me this!!! I had been up for hours practically crying & the salt took the pain away! Thank you! Eternally grateful :)


I achieved amazing results. I broke of my tooth the other day and can't afford a dentist right now. The really bad part is the nerve is exposed. I tried a lot of things and the only thing that worked is putting salt all around the tooth.
Also, don't forget the tea bag on the tooth if u get abcesses. Its amazing


Yes!!! I have had a toothache that was making me homicidal, 2 days...first day of class...owww...tried packing back molar/gum with salt then used vanilla oil...20 mins and pain is diminished by 50%...took 800mg ibuprofen and thinks it will work!

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