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I've been experiencing some unbelievably bad toothache for the past few days. this afternoon I decided to research about toothache 'reliefs' and came across this site.. I read thru most of the remedies, and found some of them to be quite shocking.. I tried the bread one and it worked :) but only for a few mins :( I then tried the sensodyne remedy and this also worked for a few minutes.. I then tried the salt remedy, in which I used coarse salt and OMW it has worked wonders.. I just hope I'm not speaking too soon and hope it reliefs the pain for a few hours at least :).. Thanks to everyone for all their remedies :) and good luck to everyone else suffering with bad toothache..

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What is omw?


Oh My WORLD : )

Salty gums

It's SALT! Rub salt all over you're gums. Go do it now. Takes about five minutes. The mind numbing pain is gone.

terrible toothache

wow this totally works... thanks for the remedy i feel freaking greattttt!!!!


I've been one to try a lot of home remedies and have put up with some really bad toothaches BUT I must say I've found this remedy to work!! it toke about 5 minutes but it works.


Do u use water with the salt what all do u use all my wisdom teeth are coming in at once and my teeth are over lapping please help I have a 7 month old and he keeps hitting my mouth

Happy Teeth

OMG this works!!!! I was laying here hurting so bad. I saw the comments and salt was the only thing I had in this house. IT WORKS!!!!!!


wow thankss so much it worked!!!


My tooth was hurting me so bad that it had my ear aching. All I had was salt in the house. I rubbed the salt on my gums and instantly, the toothache was gone! I can't believe it! Thanks for the info!


Do you use hot watert with the salt or do you rub it in? & how long for?

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