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Instant Relief

Wash with soap and water clean area very well, then use Lice killing shampoo , just rub in on the bite and lather let it stay on bite for 10-15 mins. then rinse off and blot dry with towel. You feel relief instantly. This is such a life savior and you dont even have to use medication to try to get reid of them.

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Home made lice killer = Oil of Oregano (about 1/4 teasp) + 3 oz of grain alcohol or rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle is safer to use than an insecticide on open wounds. It's very warming and antiseptic also. Since it kills head lice and dries up the nits I would think that it would work on chiggers too.


Lice shampoo is pyrethrin and is a toxic chemical! So is Elimite!! Poision! why would you want to use toxins on your skin or hair when you can use a natural product????

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