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I am 20 and just got diagnosed yesterday. To say it was the worst day of my life is an understatement. I've just moved away from home and had to go see a new doctor who was severely unsympathetic. I live in shared accommodation so I am not in the comfort of my own home. Walking, sitting and doing anything is excruciatingly painful. This is my first outbreak and I was told it can last up to 10 days...for me it is the worst at night. I've tried sleeping pills but they don't help, nor do painkillers. for me a FAN straight onto the area is the best thing yet still doesn't relieve the pain. I'm afraid to go to the toilet because the pain is unbearable and we don't have a bath so I can't sit in the bath. The medication had also made me extremely nautious and I have lost my appetite entirely.

The psychological side of it all is almost worse. I don't know how to confront the boy I was sleeping with as he told me he didn't have an STD..Does anyone have any advice on how to accept the stigma associated with the disease and how to progress on with life?

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It's no big deal! Try not spreading it to other body parts during an outbreak, don't touch your sores. Don't touch your face, eyes, lips or nose.
Take Advil for the pain and do not take those antiviral medications, they make you crazy... It made me act like a crazy all right. Take oil of oregano orally. L lysine regularly !!! Everyday
Fully avoid coffee, chocolates and nuts. Don't give up the l lysine for a whole year...


Dont worry about comforting him, he probably gave it to you. The man I got it from still claims he does not have it but would still want to hv relations with me even though I said I was gng thur an outbreak. Mens symptoms (I think) are not as bad as a females. I was told just dont tell the next guy, but I believe in being honest, because had I known, I could have made a decision thn rather or not to do it. Its been 2 years since I was diagnosed and Im still upset and embarrassed by it.


Yes that is true: don't worry about comforting him. He probably did give it to you..who knows. The same thing happened to me and my ex..he swore that he did not have it and still wanted to sleep with me. After I told him that I had it after getting diagnosed..he disappeared for weeks and showed back up later wanting to sleep with me...So here is my revelation of things..whenever you're dating someone and he disappears for weeks at a time..more than likely he is having an outbreak and is guilty of something...just my assumption


I am 25 and have had herpes since I was 23. I, too, was devastated when I found out I had an STD that I would have the rest of my life. Herpes, although you will always have it, is one of the STDs that I think is not as serious. It is basically just a skin disorder. To me I think of shingles...the two are similar in that it is a virus that lays dormant in your body and then is reactivated at certain times causing a painful rash. My very first breakout was 2 years ago and I just now am developing my second outbreak. I've heard of many people that only have a couple breakouts here and there. It is also a very common STD. Many people have herpes and don't even know are not alone! I know it is a hard concept to wrap your mind around, but life will go on! I may have herpes but I am happily married to a man who loves me regardless of the herpes and we just recently had our first baby...a happy healthy boy!! I am happy and living life to the fullest...with an annoying skin condition! Hope this helps you realize you are no less of a person because you have herpes and your life can still be as amazing as you want it to be...the main point is you are not alone!!


Trust me its not the end of your life. It may feel that way cuz of the pain. Trust me my first OB was all over the place and the guy that I think gave it to me insisted on having sex still and the thought of peeing was horrible so I said no. I have had mine for 3 plus years now and I found out young too. Im only 26 now and as the years progress you learn and can feel a OB coming i take l-lysine and it sometimes helps prevent it completely or shorten the process. You kinda learn how to live with it and what to do and not do. Trust me your life is not over and you are not alone!!! You can still be sexual and I kinda look at it this way. If you find someone that really loves you and your 100% honest about your condition they were menat to be. If they say hell no and forget you then they were never worth it. Think of having this as the tell-tell sign that the next guy is THE guy for you.


I'm 21 and got diagnosed about a month ago. Not so long I know, at this point I want to pay someone to talk to that won't judge cause not everyone accepting of this. I have to accept it myself and I'm still trying to be very optimistic about this. But it's hard wish I could talk to someone like me and just have support.


Sophie, my heart breaks for you. I know how you feel after having contracted herpes in my early 20s. I've lived with it for almost 17 years now and in my experience, you need to find what works best for you in order to suppress the beast. I can recommend Lysine as a day to day suppressant and upping the dosage within a healthy range when you feel an outbreak coming on. Lactoferrin is another good additive when the beast is awakening. These are noth natural and very safe. The biggest thing for me and keeping me outbreak free, is liquid stabilized oxygen in the form of drops. This is a surefire way to prevent a breakout. Herpes and any other virus cannot thrive or replicate in an alkalized body. I've also read that rubbing an ice cube on the affect area for a few seconds can prevent replication of the virus. It feels nice and cooling as well and then I put some aloe on. This seems to calm the beast and stop the outbreak. You have to catch it early. As soon as you feel any stirrings, then start your arsenal of therapy. It's empowering to know you can suppress it from breaking out. Remember it's not the end of the world, although I know it feels that way right now. You're not alone :)


P.S. Check out this blog. This woman has the courage to speak everything you're feeling -

Chin up Sophie!


Hi Sophie, don't worry about your bf, just concentrate on keeping your immune system healthy & take l-lysine and red marine algae to help keep the virus dormant longer. I contracted HSV-2 in 2009 from my a guy I was dating for 3 month; he never told me he had it & when I got my 1st outbreak and confronted him about giving me an STD, all he could say was, 'I thought I couldn't give it to you if we used a condom and I didn't have any sores.' Dumbass knew he had it & never told me! I'm still hating myself for ever dating him and trusting him because he ruined my health and who knows how many other girls he did the same thing too. I try to pray about it everyday, but everytime I think about that day, I just want to kill him............ I'm better now and it gets easier as time goes by; that was 4 years ago.


Witcchazel relieves soreness and itching followed by nyal cold sore cream to heal and soothe the sores and an acolovair cream to reduce the duration of the attacks this method is very effective and will let you live with gh comfortably good luck

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