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1) buy cigarettes
2) go too a comfortable place with a mirror in front (preferably the restroom)
3) light one cigarette up and put it in your ear, your ear will start 'smoking' and all the air will come out.
4) try it as many times as you feel like it
This worked really good for me :)

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This really does work, if you don’t believe it try on the ear that doesn’t hurt first. You will notice very little burning of the cigarette. Now put in ear that hurts, burn burn burn, you’re ear is smoking a cigarette. Sounds ridiculous but it works. Obviously use the filter side in your ear, common sense but just incase someone is super confused. There are similar ways without a cigarette, but it requires assistance. You could get a newspaper, make a funnel, use the pointed side in your ear, have someone catch the top of funnel on “controlled fire, you will feel the effect.


Tried going to the doctor, was prescribed an eardrop. Didn't work. Had someone blew cigarette smoke to the infected ear at least 5 times then 2 times to the uninfected one. Worked!


The point is dummies, is to seal it in your ear. The lit cig needs oxygen so, it sucks all the air out in a vacum, as well as the ear wax. Get it?


Believe it or not it works. I have tried it myself and the moment I put the cigarrete close to my ears it started pulling very tiny things to the cigarette, you can actually see them accumulate at the tip of cigarette and starts turning black and smoking much more than normal. You start feeling an instant relief. If you have some kind of swelling it will start making it drain and reduce size dramatically so the pressure is less and as consequence less pain to no more pain. I don't know how to explain why this happens and it sounds crazy to most people. But for me it worked and I'm just sharing my personal experience however I do recommend to go see an ear, throut and nose specialist if possible and follow up to find out the cause that is giving you an ear infection or something like that. There had to be some kind of infection in your ear or even your teeth ( go to dentist as well for check up if you have any untreated cavities, absessd teeth, third molars impacted or infected or gum disease to name a few) and have the root of the infection cured with proper antibiotic therapy etc. The cigarretes are in my opinion just relieving the symptoms and discomfort but not curing the real cause of it. But who knows every case is different and it might be curing it for some of us. However having an expert opinion does not hurt at all that is just my point of view, good luck everyone I totally understand what you are going through and like me willing to try anything as crazy as it might sound to help us feel better. Don't forget Also how powerful our mind can be and if we strongly believe something will work and cure us I think it will work and get us cured cause the power of thought has to be taking in consideration for any treatment as well. So I'm trying to say be positive, open minded, optimistic and most of all have faith in higher power that can do for us what we need as long as we believe in it and have no doubt it will, that is Faith and for me God is the only source of health, prosperity, abundance and true happiness we all ought to have and deserve in this life. Have a beautiful day and congratulations on the beginning of a new day with no more discomfort or illness cause they do not exist unless we accept them in our lives and I sure dont.

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