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1) buy cigarettes
2) go too a comfortable place with a mirror in front (preferably the restroom)
3) light one cigarette up and put it in your ear, your ear will start 'smoking' and all the air will come out.
4) try it as many times as you feel like it
This worked really good for me :)

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I heard this as a child and vaguely remember adult drawing smoke in mouth and blowing it into the ear. Growing up very poor, my parents use many home remedies. You will be surprised to know how many work.


Okay I'm on my second cigarette I don't feel anything different.. should something be happening by now....


I been trying everything also went to the Doctor I got two shots one was a antibiotic and the other was steroid,and been on antibiotics and nasal spray.Been trying the home remedies the Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear blowing out of mouth holding my nose and blow dryer and natural oils, and also vitamin C, and vibrator and know cigarette 2 of them nothing is helping, anymore suggestions! I'm open, I go back to the Doctor the 10th of January


Are u kidding


I've tried everything and THIS WORKED thank You so so very much!!!!


I know for sure that this works and everyone is entitled to their opinion; however, it is well advised to try something to get an intelligent opinion before threatening others who have successfully tried this methodology.


I tried it and reduced pain about 75\\% and popped my ears


I had an ear ache/infection when I was little and my dad blew smoke in my ear and instantly the ache went away and soon after the infection. It must be the warm air and nicotine. It's probably like taking a Tylenol, for some it will work and for some it wont. It's worth a try anyways. I have never heard of the lit cigarette and sticking the butt end in your ear though. Could get dangerous for a female with scraggly hair so be careful...


This really does work. All sceptics don't knock it till you try it. I bet you'll feel like a dumbass once you see first hand.


Completely work's, couldn't hear and it was driving me crazy. Now fixed

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