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1) buy cigarettes
2) go too a comfortable place with a mirror in front (preferably the restroom)
3) light one cigarette up and put it in your ear, your ear will start 'smoking' and all the air will come out.
4) try it as many times as you feel like it
This worked really good for me :)

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big haus.

No bs. My grandpa used to do this to my dad. Though my gramps would inhale the smoke and use a straw to exhale the smoke into the ear. Said it was a sure-fire remedy.

just to let you know

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I think my ear is more messed up other than just a clog but I'll try it anyway. Tried it and I can see it works some and can feel a difference in a positive way. Just remember to use the butt and not the cherry for those the aren't that bright ;) Remember to open and close your mouth to form a suction for the cig while its in your ear. It is a relief from how my ear was. Thank you so much for posting this method.




Having a diploma in thermal auricular therapy, it never crossed my mind to use a cigarette intsead of an ear candle. After a cold I always suffer with my sinuses so, I was willing to give this a shot. This works a treat, although I used two cigarettes for the one ear, usually one ear candle would be sufficient, I guess this would be because of the density of the cigarette filter as an ear candle has an 'open' filter. The smoke from either source uses a vacuum to warm the ear drum helping the inner ear to drain the clogged mucus and open up the eustachain tube. It's an eye opener for me as you can see the cigarette burn down like an ear candle, the quicker it burns the more severe your blockage is, so just keep that mirror in front of you and keep an eye on the burn rate, steady the cigarette I between the first and second finger of you hand with your palm covering your ear and surrounding area this will then catch any ash that may fall, I put a glove on but also flicked off the ash regularly as this could cause a slight burn. Afterwards help the drainage of your mucus with a drainage massage rolling your thumb over your eustachain area taking it down your neck line toward lymph area, if you suffer with sinus like I do massage your hole face, look up sinus pressure points (face & ear) and you can feel mucus drain at the back of your throat. Thank you to the person posting this remedy, like I said before I would never of thought of using a cigarette!


I was very skeptical about trying this when I first read what to do and some of the comments. I tried the vicks which worked minimal. A hot wash cloth, soothes the pain for only a short time. Tried apple cider vinegar which really made it pop and felt like it cleaned my ear, but was clogged 15 minutes after that method. So I figured, what the hell, try the cigarette method. I lit it, gently placed the butt end in my ear and held my nose and blew out my ears. Within 30 seconds I could hear the popping and the clearing of my ear canal. So I kept the cigarette in the whole time tapping it every couple of seconds into an ashtry I held below my ear and by the end of the cigarette my ear is about 90% clear. Now I sit here telling you my story that this actually does work. My ear is not fully unclogged but went from 0% to 90% unclogged after just one cigarette. Like other people have said, don't knock until you try it.


people, did you honestly think that you would put a lit cigarette in your ear???
it's the OTHER end, where the filter is.
with that said, I would be extremely careful with this procedure, after all this is your ears we're talking about




Why do ppl have such dirty language? like f***
Etc. you should watch ur mouth!!!!!


That ish worked! Couldn't believe it.

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