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1) buy cigarettes
2) go too a comfortable place with a mirror in front (preferably the restroom)
3) light one cigarette up and put it in your ear, your ear will start 'smoking' and all the air will come out.
4) try it as many times as you feel like it
This worked really good for me :)

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People are idiots fyi this does work and no you don't put the lit end I. OBVIOUSLY... Works like a charm.


Talk about blowing smoke up your a$$


i really felt stupid standing infront of the mirror putting a lit smoke in my ear but waited about 2 mins and wow i tried ear drops i tried waxing kit and this by far is the best method infact only method that worked after 3 weeks of this clogged ear try it i swear it works


Or u could just light up a piece of paper. And you guys have to put the end thats not lit up towards ur ear.


works great. As a drywaller my ears get plugged at least once a month. This with a combination of peroxide works great for clearing your ears.


my ears feel better not 100% but i definitely can tell the difference.....

lady la la did you even find that out? lol did u just wake up and say hey im gunna put this in my ear and see what happens.


It sound crazy but it works my mom used to do it to me when I was a little girl


Any way think that u are wrong for posting that for someone who looking for advices an thats just plane ole stupid why put a cigarette in your ear for healing a clogg ear I think I shall report u for that anybody can hurt .


I found it works best if you use menthol cigarettes. Best method to clear your ears; it works people.

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