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1) buy cigarettes
2) go too a comfortable place with a mirror in front (preferably the restroom)
3) light one cigarette up and put it in your ear, your ear will start 'smoking' and all the air will come out.
4) try it as many times as you feel like it
This worked really good for me :)

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LMFAO! This is some funny stuff!


My mother told me to have someone blow smoke in my ears so this could be true. I'm gonna try it cause both mine are clogged


I've had people blow smoke in my ear for infections and yes it works! I've never heard of this though.

frustrated half deaf

I tried this and made it about half way thru the cig and it helped minimally. I can hear better but stillcsome pressure. Any one else know if the whole cig works better?


Actually having someone blow smoke into your ear does help.


Holy shit, it works!!! I'm not being sarcastic or trying to yank anyone's chain... I'm typing this right now with a lit cigarette sticking out of my clogged ear and I can HEAR the wax breaking down... Plus, I smoke menthol, so there's a rather enjoyable cool feeling that goes along with that... Seriously, people, if you're a smoker, all you have to lose is a single cigarette... It didn't completely solve the issue, but there is a noticeable difference... As incredibly stupid as this remedy sounds, it actually made a difference...


He's not bullshitting, it really does work. Also, blowing cigarette smoke into an ear when infected, temporarily helps with the pain. Sounds crazy I know, but it's true :-/


You put the end that's not lit(obviously) in your ear. What happens is the air between the cigarette butt and the inside of your ear is being consumed by the cigarette, because fire needs oxygen. This creates a small vacume which sucks whatever is clogged.


I just have to let all the disbelievers,I was very skeptical but was miserable so I figured it couldn't b worse if I tryed it. I say definitely 80%improvement,which was fabulous - When it stops smoking itself ; u r good! Thanks to who ever posted this


REALLY ? How do people exist ?

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