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Have any of you cut out Gluten (wheat)?? I struggled with acne and migraines my whole life and it was the culprate... it is extremely difficult to cut it out of your diet/life because it is in not only foods but in soaps, makeup, spices etc... also birth control has caused severe acne and boils in my skin. I am allergic to lemon juice and really anything raw but I use tea tree oil and emu oil on my skin and it is helping alot. I was told lavender oil is good too but im very allergic to it. Visit a co op they are anazingly informative. Replace your cooking oils with coconut oil. Amazing for lotion too...

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I am 14 and I discovered that I was Celiac two years ago. Since then my acne has gotten better, I no longer have migranes or frequent heartburn, and I feel great ! I have skin that reacts badly to citrus and stuff like that so I can't use the lemon juice ones ......

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