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4 sets of tubes

I get chronic ear infections thanks to having 4 sets of tubes when I was younger that never worked. My grandmother always did the same thing for me all through my childhood until she passed and it always worked, for me AND my siblings. 50/50 mix of peroxide and white vinegar, let it sit in your ear for about 5 minutes, then put hot water into a disposable diaper(weird I know) and microwave it for 30-45 seconds or until it's hot but won't burn you, and place that on your ear. It keeps the water warm for a long time, and is able to be microwaved numerous times. I actually just did this and the pain is already gone. Hope this helps someone!

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Thanks it worked to an extent im no in as much pain but it still hurt a little i can now deal with the noise of my 3 month old lol and the noise of my 5 year old


I did this and now my ear is just clogged up and can barely hear anything out of it.. Any ideas on how to fix this!?


The only viniger I have is apple cider will that work


What a great idea and it worked aswell x


It worked!!! Followed the directions and My 6yr d stop complaining of ear aches. I used a diapers. But you can microwave a wet towel as well.
Thanks for sharing your remedy!!!!


Thank you sooo much! This remedy saved me from another sleepless night. I have tried everything out there and nothing worked but this!


OMG...u saved my life. I didnt use the diaper(dont have any babys). After letting the vinegar & peroxi sit i put a warm toweltowel that i placed in microwave on my ear & am earache free.:-)


Thank u so much as I was scrambeling to find vinegar because my husband thought it would be cute to use it for wiper fluid in my car I finally thank god found it in the garage a lil bit of peroxide left and didn't have a diaper so I used a maxi pad worked just the same if not better but thank u a million my lil one is sound asleep after 5 minutes u saved me a night of crying and no sleep oh and we have taken her to the Dr she has ear drops but they r making it worse. So I cannot thank u enough for ur post her pain is relieved.


putting peroxide in your childs ear is terribly irresponsible! weather in pain or not, bleach in the ear is not going to solve anything your lucky you havnt damaged there/your hearing permanently.


Peroxide is safe to use in the ear if its diluted. They use it in commercial ear treatment products. It is not the same as chlorine bleach

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