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4 sets of tubes

I get chronic ear infections thanks to having 4 sets of tubes when I was younger that never worked. My grandmother always did the same thing for me all through my childhood until she passed and it always worked, for me AND my siblings. 50/50 mix of peroxide and white vinegar, let it sit in your ear for about 5 minutes, then put hot water into a disposable diaper(weird I know) and microwave it for 30-45 seconds or until it's hot but won't burn you, and place that on your ear. It keeps the water warm for a long time, and is able to be microwaved numerous times. I actually just did this and the pain is already gone. Hope this helps someone!

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Man I hope this helps! I am in a lot of pain!!!!!


What strength peroxide do you use?


How many times can this be done in a 24 hour period?


You are a life saver, thanks! It worked for my 4 year old.


You saved me last night. Who would have thought a wet warm diaper would help me make it thru the night. Thank you so much

Dana :)

Amazing! You saved me :) especially since I don't have insurance!

michelle 720-206-4228

I had a mastoidectomy about ten year ago after having tubes 3 times....I hear your pain.....when you use this remedy do you use it as a drop and sit up or do you let it sit and then lay on the side......when the fluid builds up around my ear drum I have to let it drain....I am out of work and looking for method just for pain


I am the one from the last email my name is Michelle and I am really looking for a home


Immediate relief! I didn't have a diaper on hand, but substituted a microwavable heat pack and a damp towel. Seemed to work. Thank you so much! You saved my Easter!


thank you so much for posting this! i have been battling an almost tear-inducing earache all day and i found this page on google. i let the peroxide/vinegar mixture sit in my ear for 15mins with a warm, wet washcloth covering and the pain is finally gone!

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