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trust me this works
mix apple cider lemon and caynne pepper

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Funny, my husband was coughing extremely bad and I decided to look up natural home remedies to stop severe cough and this site popped up. I had to choose this one because I had all these ingredients on hand. I gave it to him and he's says ' What the Heck is this,'this is disgusting, 'I'm going to puke. I exclaimed, 'Trust me drink it. Believe it or not he's not coughing right now. I will keep an eye out and watch the time. FYI[I used packeged apple cider, 1/4 tsp of cayenne and 1 lemon choped and squeezed. I also put the vicks on his feet with socks. Wish us far it's quite. I hope I don't wake up and see him sucking his thumb! lol


Add honey. Cayenne, lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar. Gets rid of sore throats and its pretty good for cough. Add 2T to hot tea


Add some garlic to help boost your immune system!

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