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I have lots of problems with my teeth, so therefore lots of toothaches. I usually use Oragel (gel) and squirt it directly in the hole or cavity and it works pretty good but I was out the other night and since it was 4:00am I couldn't go to the store to get more. I started reading all the remedies on here and tried a few as I read. I tried vanilla extract on a piece of cotton, garlic salt on a cotton and in warm water to swish around, putting bread n the hole and cooking oil soaked cotton. Then I came to Vicks Vapor rub so I pulled some cotton off a q-tip balled it up and coated it n Vicks, then I placed it n the hole on the side of my back tooth. After I put it there I carefully used a toothpick to push it further in the hole and wow it really worked!!!!! So, no more tubes of Oragel for me. Of course its not the best tasting stuff in the world but Vicks Vapor Rub saved me that night and many times since. Good luck with the toothaches and I hope this helps someone like it did for me:)

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