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I have been suffering from an abscessed tooth on and off for about two years now. It recently flared up and for approximately the fourth time I am on antibiotics due to the severe pain. In addition I am taking ibuprofen and paracetamol. The best remedy I find by far is warm water and salt. Immediately I find relief and as it is antiseptic it helps draw out some of the infection. Lately though I began to research more earnestly the consequences of not treating an abscessed tooth. All the information out there has literally left me terrified. A root canal or extraction is the only long term solution to an abscessed tooth. Even if you think it is better it probably isn't. I have made my appointment for Monday afternoon, as by then I will be finished my current round of antibiotics. I cannot afford a root canal so I have decided to go for an extraction. I realise now I have been taking severe risks with my health by leaving it so long.

Best of luck to everyone out the who is suffering.

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