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This is for those who are dealing with skin issues.
I developed a rash about a year ago. It started out with rings of dry pink skin, that was itchy. Several people told me, it looked like ringworm.
Ringworm is not a worm, but is a fungus of the skin. I tried the “Over the Counter” remedies. Nothing was working, so I went to the doctor. The doctor prescribed stronger ringworm medicine, which after several months, I did not see any improvement and I was beginning to feel helpless.
My husband could sense my distress and mentioned getting another doctor’s opinion. On the way to the doctor’s office, I prayed to God, to please give the doctor the wisdom to help heal my skin. After seeing three (3) different doctors that day, the third doctor diagnosed the rash as eczema. She prescribed Prednisone tablets and after the 3rd day, my skin was already responding. Today, my rash is gone and I feel happy and relieved of the trauma that had plagued my skin for over a year.
If you have been told you have ringworm & it does not clear up after using ringworm medications, ask your doctor about eczema. It is quite possible, that is all it is.
Eczema can be brought on by the dry winter air, hot showers, the lack of moisture in the skin, harsh soaps and laundry detergents.
Everyday, I Thank God, for giving the doctor the wisdom to correctly diagnose my skin condition.

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The doctor's wisdom actually came from 4+ years of medical training.


God didn't give the doctor his wisdom. Science,which is something religions try to push back, gave the doctor the knowledge. If your loving God exists, he would not give you the illness to begin with. Will you deliberately make your loved ones sick?


All knowledge comes from above.



It was a miracle to me!!!

You can find it in any Whole Foods,

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Religion doesn't push science back, mostly just evolution. I would never make someone I love sick, but that doesn't mean God doesn't exist. I'm not God, I don't get to make that call. I never really understood why atheist believe that if God existed the world would be a better place. Here's a harsh truth, God's love is exclusive. Most people think God love's everyone, that is not the case. He gives everybody a chance, but that's not the same as love. God doesn't have to conform to your rules of what you think He should be like and do. You were mad in His image, you have the ability to show love and compassion. So instead of saying things like 'if your loving God existed', say nothing but do what is necessary? You may feel you don't need faith or some form of hope, but you should really stray from trying to discourage others.


What a dramatic post. Seriously?!! There is much worse in the world than skin issues....such as cancer, MS, etc. Glad you're healed...Try walking into all the top doctors in the country and they shrug their shoulders on whether you will be wheelchair bound at 32...


So God answered your prayer (ignoring millions of others at that moment, I presume) to give a doctor the knowledge to treat your mild skin condition?

The worst kind of religious arrogance.

I pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that a psychiatrist correctly diagnoses your mental health problems and certifies you!


Wow this is really sad. Someone posted their personal feelings and experiences with a condition. Only to be nearly ridiculed by others. This is a 'home remedies' site. If prayer was part of her 'home remedy' and it worked for her, why all the negative comments? If you dont agree, dont use her 'home remedy'. Keep spraying vinegar, dipping in honey & smearing Vagisil all over yourselves.


I am glad you are healed up! Thanks for posting what you found out to properly treat the condition. Interesting that so many people jump quickly to harshly attack someone for their belief. Also rather funny that the comments are shouting 'God made you sick' instead of the scientific cause of the infection, and that 'God didn't grant the doctor wisdom' but the doctor found it all out for himself with no guidance other than scientific experience- the same science that can't explain how such an advanced life form has come to be and exist in such a fragile and exceedingly threatening environment. How did nothing turn into something?

Ignorance is Bliss

I agree I'm sick of hearing god take credit everytime someone helps, does good deeds, or saves a life. Anyone ever notice how church goers always credit god for everything good and nothing bad. If a guy kills someone then it was his wrong doing god gave us free will and he made a bad choice. But a smart doctor diagnoses a patient right and god gets the credit. And science can't prove where we came from yet however according to the bible god made earth like 6000 years ago. Ever seen those dinosaur bones millions of years old?!

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